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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have been gloomy these past few days, watching the Russian invasion of Georgia, and the response of the West (words, but of course deeds might be too costly). It is a depressing thing to watch the liberal media cover this. There are surely many atrocities being committed, but because Georgia is aligned with the U.S. and the West, they will likely not be reported. I'm also gloomy because of what this means for Ukraine and my friends there. They are doubtless next on the list, even as they have been under clandestine assault by Russia for some time (like an assassination attempt vs. their pro-West and pro-U.S. president). Now, the issue of the lease of the Black Sea ports to Russia will work in much the same way as Ossetia did in Georgia. It is a an excuse to exert sovereignty as an empire, and it is demonic in its inspiration.

Here are three good summaries of what has happened and what is likely to happen.

Victor Davis Hanson

George Will

Robert Kaplan

It is not that military victory in Georgia is impossible. In fact, it is entirely doable thanks to the Caucasus Mountains - a high range (with Mt. Elbrus, the highest in Europe), and with Georgia on the far side from Russia. Destroying the few roads in the mountain passes and along the Eastern coast of the Black Sea essentially cuts off the Russian troops that have invaded, so that they can be hectored, harrowed, and hounded until they surrender. But of course the loss of a Russian Army would be unacceptable to Vladimir Putin and his puppet, Medvedev, and a greater war would ensue, including the specter of nuclear escalation. The conclusion: real support is out of the question, and our enemy knows it. Therefore, we undertake diplomacy from a position of significant weakness, and the people of Georgia, and perhaps soon other former Soviet Republics, suffer.

Please pray for the Christians of these nations, that their steadfastness in Spirit may perpetuate their political freedom.

Edit: One more article from National Review

My summary of all these articles: weakness in unwillingness to do what is right means terrible losses and much more bloodshed. Satan continues to deceive the nations; few understand this principle and its consequences.

Edit: there are a number of articles out there, all by liberals, that the West and Georgia have to share some blame for Russia's invasion. They're the same people who said we deserved 9/11, and that's the same kind of reasoning that says a woman who wears provocative clothing deserves it if she gets raped. Russia has done an evil deed. There is no mitigation for it.