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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The following is the text of an email from my friend Charlie Clough. Note also the link for a pdf of the report at the end.


For years I've looked for some documentation of the cost of sinful lifestyles on the economy. At last there is a recently published report, The Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing. It gives cost estimates at the federal level and at each state level. (The federal cost is in the billions)

As the legal noose tightens around the freedom to proclaim the Word of God concerning marriage and family, these kind of facts can be powerful weapons to show that the biblical structure of the family is rooted in reality such that violation of that structure increases costs and decreases economic efficiency. To the pagan, we can say "the biblical lifestyle is vastly more efficient than yours" echoing the pragmatic argument of Daniel 1. Since the fantasy of paganism down through the centuries is that the state should be the confiscator of private property and children (through "public" education), we will increasingly have to dig in our heels to defend the historic biblical view of marriage and family which is the true custodian of private property and children, the heart of any social order. This report is one tool that can be used to show pagan foolishness for what it is and to assist believers in adhering to Scriptural norms.

The report is available from: Institute for American Values, 1841 Broadway, Suite 211, New York, NY 10023; telephone 212-246-3942; email = 1-4 copies $5.00 plus $3 shipping & handling.

I'm ordering a copy for each of my state and federal representatives to accompany a letter and/or a personal visit with them.

In His Grace,

Charlie (Clough)

Taxpayer Costs

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