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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alas, Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway comes from the pagan evolution viewpoint. As Ray Troll comments in his critique of creationists on p.140: "What blows my mind is that evolution is the biggest puzzle mankind has ever solved, and it took generations to do it. Everything, and I mean everything, falls into place when you perceive the world through evolutionary eyes." Well not exactly everything, Ray. There is the matter of eternal salvation.

My mind is equally blown by evolutionists, who have the big picture of Noah's flood right in front of them, and they don't see it. Johnson and Troll's fun book is teeming with accounts of the ubiquity of fossils in the American West. The map that came with the book testifies to this, and artist Troll goes on to say that he could have created dozens of maps like it with different artwork prehistoric creatures on each.

That under just about every inch of the western third of the United States are fossils of every description, all of which have died suddenly in a flood no less (localized flash floods of 500 million years we are told) totally blows my mind regarding the nearly universal blindness of pagan paleontoligists. That this is also the dogma that is imposed on us by the pagans of the public education system makes it that much more amazing that we creationists are treated with such disdain.

They scrabble out their lives like so many cockroaches on the funeral mound of God's greatest judgment to date, and foist a Great Lie upon the public about it all. The preponderance of evidence fits the biblical account of the flood, but accepting that might make the Word seem true...

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Anonymous said...

Indeed! I was also a bit incredulous that some of the supposed evidences they used (Out of place fossil layers, mutliple fossilized "forests" in Yellowstone) have been discredited for decades! And here I thought evolution might actually have some substance to it.